– Tough girl vs preppy chic –

This season it is all about the preppy pastels and grungy biker vibes.  We noticed already last summer that the 70’s are back in the game. That’s the least thing we can say. The flare pants was back after a long time, the suede long trench. It was all very new to us. But this season we already got used to it and we dare to take it a bit more next level. From cute pink pastel two-pieces to ruffled gold sweaters. We are getting more and more extra feminine this season. And must admit that we sort of missed that style. But on the other side of la-la-land, we also saw a typical grunge biker-chick vibe passing by on the runways. Fishnet stockings, heavy metal inspired tshirts, black oversized leather jackets and kaki bombers. This trend is here to stay! So you better dare to give it a try as well. Play with it! And try out these new trends!

Will you go preppy? Or will you go motorcycle-chic?