About Enes


Fifteen years after the launch of the first Enes store, we turned the page by opening a new multi-brand, multi-experience store in a unique townhouse on the Volkstraat. We turned the place into a surprising store while preserving the homely character of the building. Like just any other home, our store has a real bathroom, with a beautiful selection of beauty labels, as well as an original Cubex kitchen, where we intend to present a one-of-a-kind selection of unique objects and personal finds. There is no room for boredom because behind every corner there’s a new discovery waiting for you. And when you are done, head to the cosy bar on the patio for a quiet drink or sit back with a book or magazine bought in-store.


Gert Voorjans known for his eclectic, maximalist style characterised by ‘cross mixing’, designed our new majestic Enes store. Voorjans opted for a private, homely atmosphere with a wide range of experiences. The functions of the various rooms you’ll find in our house have been maintained in the design. On the two floors, we used bright block colours, including Coca-Cola red, pink, Gauloise blue and dark green.

Gert Voorjans graduated as an interior architect in Hasselt in 1985. After obtaining his postgraduate degree in history of art in Siena (Italy) and his postgraduate degree in ‘Styles & Arts’ from Sotheby’s in London, he joined forces with Axel Vervoordt for a long-term collaboration. Since 1995 he has been responsible for the interiors of the Dries Van Noten stores all over the world.
Gert Voorjans is an internationally renowned interior decorator known for his multi-layer homely interiors in which he blends influences from different eras and locations across the world into a true masterpiece. He has decorated homes and retail concepts in London, Madrid, New York and Tokyo. ‘AD Collector’s’ crowned him one of the best interior decorators of 2016.


The garden at the back of the store was landscaped by Ben Berckmoes, who has also worked with Hermès (Paris). This ‘Non-Garden’ was created with the idea of turning the outdoor space into a stable, unchanging environment, in stark contrast with the ever-changing collections inside the store.
The showpiece is an ‘Ulmus Jacqueline Hillier’ (elm), which was selected specifically for our project and transported to Belgium. Years ago the tree was attacked by a moth leaving it with an endless maze of little paths inside, which make it particularly fragile. The tree is supported by a custom jewel, inspired by medical instruments.
The pattern of vintage stone sheets in soft, earthy shades is a continuation of the lush colour scheme of the store. The colours of the Venetian-inspired patio create the perfect light on a bright summer day or on a grey winter day.


Our store offers a great mix of hand-picked women’s collections and a unique selection of labels from Belgium and beyond. The Enes range also includes shoes and accessories, a selection of jewellery, homewear, personal care products, book and magazines, as well as one-of-a-kind ‘pièces uniques’ and travel finds. In a nutshell, anything that is sure to make the Enes universe even more beautiful.