Cookie policy

Information and data concerning your identity are necessary for managing your order and for our commercial relations. They may be passed on to companies that contribute to these relations, such as companies that execute services and orders, for their management, execution, processing and payment. This information is stored for security reasons in order to comply with legal obligations and rules and in order to allow us to improve and personalize the services we offer and the information we provide.

ENES collects names, addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, nationality and (if applicable) company information (i.e; the company name of your employer) from visitors to the website who register their information or any other online service, such as subscribing to the newsletter.

ENES may also store information regarding your purchases, namely information regarding product and size, and purchase price and date, which will help us improve our services to you and enhance your future purchasing experience with us.

With regards to the Belgian Act dd. 8 December 1992 Act on Privacy Protection regarding personal data, you have the right to acces, correct and delete personal details. Write an e-mail to or a letter, mentioning your surname, first names, e-mail addresss and if possible a customer reference number.

If you have registered to receive newsletters or e-mail updates from us, and you no longer wish to receive these newsletters/e-mail updates you can unsubscribe as indicated in the particular communication, i.e. by using the unsubscribe link which is included on all newsletters/e-mail updates.