Collecting moments

How to collect moments? Take pictures, light a candle during a romantic night with your hubby or friends dinner. Some moments are more precious to you as to us. That’s probably logical, since we all are different. But one thing is for sure, collecting moments is extremely important. Enjoying every aspect and moment of our lives. In good or even bad days. But one thing that we love most is sharing our moments with our friends and beloved ones. Making your home cosy and warm for others to enter. And as any host knows, atmosphere is an overlooked, yet crucial aspect to any good dinner. The more you do to make your guests at ease, the more they’ll enjoy themselves. Our pleasing fragrances from Paddy Wax and Kobo will do the trick! Lighten the mood of a space with our bright, airy, and herbaceous fragrances. Or create a calming environment with our earthy, musky, and woody fragrances. Discover them now in store and in our deco department on the webshop.